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Links to charging point maps,there are many schemes available,for which you will need to register to use their services.Some are free to use without registration (like my favourite rapid charger at

M25 clacket lane services eastbound - provided by engenie)

  • Source london chargin point map   -  main provider for London ,10 pounds a year subscription will give you acces to 800+ slow 13amp chargers(for Ion,I-Miev,C-Zero,G-wizz - just normal house socket type and some 32amp for Nissan Leaf.
  • Plugsurfing website - nicely desingned website complete with mobile apps for Apple and Android devices,it will let you share your own house socket and use sockets from others sharers,also lists public and subsbsription services(though it is hard to work out which is which) Got a bottle of wine thanks to those guys as other ev user from London came to charge up on my drive.
  • Zap-map  - from very nice next green car  website ,lists plenty of chargers and you can divide if you are looking for slow(13amp),medium(32 amp) and fast(125 amp,also known as chademo),however please keep in mind that those fast chargers owned by nissan(in their dealerships and one at 02 arena in greenwhich)are for some reason only available for Nissan Leaf users. 
  • Engenie  - company which intends to install enough fast chargers across uk motorways to allow around the country electric motoring.Their chargers are visible on zap map and are free for now to everybody who have chademo protocol on their vehicle.Top notch service - a video of me using one is available in my electric journeys section of website.
  • Open charge map - this is so far best map I have found,you could browse by connection types and charging speeds.