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Tesla store opens in Westfield Shopping Mall in London - first of its kind in UK

Posted 11/7/2013

Tesla store opened last week with Elon Musk himself gracing us with his presence - I went there of course to see the car for the first time and chat to Tesla guys about it - Model S is beautiful ,plenty of people coming in asking questions about the car,often surprised by its innovative drive train,long range and amazing performance. I have been assured that all the profits made by Tesla are going towards 2015 launch of smaller ,more affordable Model E - which should cost between 23 -27k providing at least 200 miles on a charge( one could guess 60 kwh battery) Tesla is also going to expand its stores and they are currently looking for locations to place Superchargers in UK - now this with 300 + range of Model S would allow any journey in UK ,to be completed within one day.Me and Tesla Model SMe and Tesla Model S