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My own 6.6 kwh charger.

Posted 6/23/2013

Few days ago chargemaster engineer delivered and installed for absolutely FREE a tethered 6.6 kwh charge point at my home in Brighton.

This was however not want I have asked for - tethered cable is great for convienience if I will only ever had Renault Zoe  or cars which will use 7-pin mennekes connector.

However for another month I will still be using iON with  SAE J1772 connector.Then it might be Leaf - or e-UP or maybe Zoe - but for time being the decision is not mine so I decided to ask chargemaster to provide my with replacment charging station which will 

cover all bases.

And totally hassle free they have replaced it with the station You can see below :

So now I have flexibility while still have some relatively high charging speeds - less then four hours for new Leaf or Zoe - since it Zoe cable will fit straight in - and for Leaf and other  SAE J1772 combatible cars I could buy a cable for 200 pounds.Voila!


Needles to say I am very happy with chargemaster service, I would recommend them to anyone - as anybody with drive or garage can now future proof their house for FREE.