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Electric consumption of EV

Posted 1/10/2013

Okey, lets try to tackle new miles to gallon in electric world situation. 16,4 kWh for Ion and 24kWh for Leaf would be you fuel tank size. Now this means that Ion can provide 1kW of power for 16 hours. Or power 10 watt bulb for 1600 hours as 1 watt equals to 0,001 kilo watt = 1kW. Now depending on the way you drive you can get 0.2kWH per mile (driving like saint,not exceeding 55 mph) or 0.6kWh per mile even if you decide to road race everybody and drive 80 mph all the way. 
So with Ion it translates to 84 or 28 miles depending on driving style. So you better behave out there :)

     Now,previously I have mentioned power consumption of running ev's motor.Now lets get to other bits - 35 watts each headlamp,plus rear lights would be about 120 watts or 0,12kW so you can leave you Ion with lights on for about 136 hours or 5 days and still drive it.(straight to charger though).So if you will leave lights overnight it will drain maybe 10% of battery until you will realize in the morning what you did.Not to bad,you will still make it to work :)

  So we already got rid of a myth that having lights on will screw you up in ev,let get to wipers - they are rated at 12 volts on 16 amp so the maximum amount of watts they can support is 192 watt - thats when they run like nutters, and thats 0,192kW which again would mean 80 hours of constant running, not really a lot of impact.So lights and wipers wiping at they full (iOn have one) will drain at they up most 0,35 kW. Myth busted :)

  And that's when we get to last thing ,heating and air con.
Any of you who use to have electric heater at home will know that they like high currents. This one cannot be denied,Leaf on full power demands 4,5 kW and on 19 degree on low fan setting about 1,5 kW ,this can actually dent you range by about 10 % on your average journey,similar applies to AC, Leaf shows 5 kW when you want to calm yourself on full blast cold air. So what can be done?

   Well,Renault ZOE is going to be equipped with heat pump,which will be much more energy efficient then current air heaters. Also new Leaf in LS trim and iMiev have heated seat and steering wheels. Now my iOn and Leaf I used are not supplied with such a luxuries :( . Do not despair though as for a whooping price of 12.99 each you could get yourself heated car seat cover which takes 35 watts each on low and 45 watts on high settings. 0,035 kW and 0,045 kW so both on will suck about 50 less energy then heater.And I tell you,they get your bum warm pronto.