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Posted 5/13/2016

Electric cars in virtual reality.    

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Update on my 6,6 kw charging socket.

Posted 11/12/2013

Update on my 6,6 kw charging socket.    

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Tesla store opens in Westfield Shopping Mall in London - first of its kind in UK

Posted 11/7/2013

Tesla store opened last week with Elon Musk himself gracing us with his presence - I went there of course to see the car for the first time and chat to Tesla guys about it - Model S is beautiful ,plenty of people coming in asking questions about the car,often surprised by its innovative drive train,long range and amazing performance. I have been assured that all the profits made by Tesla are going towards 2015 launch of smaller ,more affordable Model E - which should cost between 23 -27k providing at least 200 miles on a charge( one could guess 60 kwh battery) Tesla is also going to expand its stores and they are currently looking for locations to place Superchargers in UK - now this with 300 + range of Model S would allow any journey in UK ,to be completed within one day.Me and Tesla Model SMe and Tesla Model S


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Autocar UK review of Model S

My own 6.6 kwh charger.

Posted 6/23/2013

Few days ago chargemaster engineer delivered and installed for absolutely FREE a tethered 6.6 kwh charge point at my home in Brighton.

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Renault ZOE in Brighton

Posted 5/5/2013

Electric Renault Zoe arrived in Brighton - car can be seen and testdriven in Lifestyle Renault at Carden Avenue.

Renault representative Aaron was very knowledgable.According to him there will be at least 3 rapid chargers installed in Brighton - on par with chademo they will supply 47kw in an hour - being able to charge Zoe fully within 30 minutes.

This is definitely a news we have been waiting for - if there is going to be more of those cropping around with 24 hour access it will mean we could make a major step forward towards unrestrciricted electric motoring.

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Mennekes standard for electric car charging to take over soon.

Posted 4/21/2013

Looking at current crop of electric motors one might think that SAE J1772 standard is a winner.

Well ,looks like not for much longer.Since most of european car manufacturers have agreed of for Mennekes type plug to be the head honcho of electric car charging we are about to see plenty of new models coming with mennekes connection on board.

Now to recap - my current vehicle - Peugeot iOn uses SAE ,so is Nissan Leaf,current and incoming UK made model.

On the other hand we have incoming BMW i3,Renault ZOE,and plethora of VW group plug in vehicles (VW e-Golf,e-UP,A3 electric and all the PHEV audis) which all will be using mennekes.

This puts me in a bit of a strange position - lease on my iON is about to expire in 3 months time.Until then I have to make a decision and advise chargemaster what type of charging socket  I would like to have installed on my drive.

Standard SEA comes for free with 16 amps thethered cable,handy and will charge quicker then off the wall,but this will also mean that next car I will order will have to be Leaf.Not bad but a bit restricting.

Second option I have is to order 75 pounds upgrade to mennekes 32 amp socket.No tethered cable there but quicker charging for ZOE and german cars. But what if those cars are still not available to me and I will got a Leaf?

For a while I thought I will have to fork out 900 pounds for Mennekes to SAE cable from zerocarbonworld website.

But it seems like there are cheaper options -

Those guys offer 32 amp mennekes cable to SAE J1772 for 168 pounds !!!!

So in case I will get a new Leaf while getting Mennekes type socket installed I can even take advantage of faster (6.6kw) charging rates now available in new Leaf,sweat,problem sorted!

Some pictures to show what I am on about :


168 pounds cable to bridge 2 standards:                          SAE J1772:                                           Mennnekes:                                         

Mennekes type connection

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CA - Miev - next generation if Mitsubishi I-Miev

Posted 3/24/2013

New concept car have been revealed on Geneva motor show,an update to currently oldest production in prodoctiun motorway enabled car.

Trpled the range with new type of batteries and wireless charging,with new stunning design this city car could be in direct competition with Renault Zoe.

Have to admit it looks better then my iON which it will hopefully replace.

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Tesla Model S - first of a kind in UK thanks to Chargemaster.

Posted 3/24/2013

US left-hand drive import have arrived in UK.This beatifull car and technological wonder with about 300 miles range and stunning performance will no doubt turn heads around on UK roads.

Congratulations to Chargemaster which have sourced this ahead of its summer UK launch.

As seen on a picture,lovely blue english sky can not be mistaken for anything else ;)




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BMW i3 Rex(range extension engine)

Posted 2/4/2013

BMW have confirmed range extending 900cc engine which could be chosen as an option on BMW i3,

which will meam car in this set up would become plug in hybrid with longest all electric range

.Engine would act as generator to recharge battery,so it would not be conected to a drivetrain.Brilliant wait to alleviate range anxiety.

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