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Pure electric motoring - what is it all about?

Firstly it is a way of reducing co2 emissions and moving economy from oil depandancy towards sustainable technologies.

By removing need for oil and moving towards locally produced electricity we will create more jobs locally,reduce dependacy on other oil rich states and achieve cleaner air in our cities.

Electric motoring is also fun and there is plenty of cars out there which are quick enough to match most internal combustion engine vehicles.

It is however a novelty and it requires from driver some research and attention before he decides to take the plunge.

I am working in car trade business and always been interested in sustainable and future proof technologies within my trade.

Due to unique nature of my work I have driven and road tested almost every mainstream model of ICE vehicles and hope to give a try to every incoming electric and hybrid car available on uk roads.

Since summer 2012 I have been using Peugeot Ion as company car of my choice and I will share my experience on this website.


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